Disneyworld Vacation Savings Ideas – Part 1 of 2

A Disney vacation is every child’s dream. Even more so, it is the dream of every parent to give their children such a wonderful family experience….. a vacation experience that will give their children memories for a lifetime.  Unfortunately many families feel such a vacation is out of their reach. We decided to submit this article to help families give their children this dream. With proper planning and diligence your dream vacation can be a reality. Unfortunately the ideas began to flow and the article had to be split in a two-part series. Here are some excellent ideas gathered from our experiences, ideas found on the web, and tips received from our customers at VacationLine Travel for part one:

Travel Savings:

  • One of the simplest ways to get better value for your vacation money is to plan off-season travel. This not only will save you money because there are great discounts influence more business but it also makes for a pleasurable experience. The lines at parks and the crowds at attractions are bearable, which makes your trip less stressful. For a Disneyworld vacation many of our loyal clients at VacationLine Travel tell us the best time is the last 2 weeks in November through the first 2 weeks of December. Avoid when school is out or any holidays.
  • Fuel prices are outrageous these days so most airlines are trying to increase revenues by charging for luggage transport. Try to fit everything you can into carryon bags. Everyone in your party can have a fairly good size travel bag. An alternative is to seek hotels that either have laundry facilities or are close to a Laundromat. You pack only half the clothes you need and run a load or two of laundry. Another suggestion we heard was to make arrangements with the hotel and ship some clothing to your room before you leave and then ship it back before you leave. Do your research to insure this is cheaper.
  • For most tourist areas and especially Orlando, there is no real need to rent a car unless you are going to areas other than the popular attractions. Even then, a lot of the hotels, will offer shuttles to the surrounding parks, and keep in mind, it is a minimum of $15 to park at the parks.  Preferred is $20.   Most hotels offer free shuttle service to the Disney attractions, and eating establishments are usually within walking distance.
  • Package deals based on timing and supplier can be a savings. We have seen it both ways. In some cases package deals are the same cost as booking everything separately.   Sometimes, they can be more than doing it separately.  In other cases,  there is worthwhile savings.  If you do your research and choose the proper time of the season, you can find a package deal that includes hotel, air, and possibly car rental and realize huge savings over booking them separately. Check out both ways to get the best value for your money.

Lodging Savings

  • Research staying onsite versus off site. Although there is a certain convenience factor to staying onsite (free shuttle service to the parks), you really spend minimal time at your hotel. You can get some great deals at offsite properties and most will have free shuttles to the parks and attractions. Do your homework and check rates.
  • If you are travel with friends or other families go for a suite or villa and split the costs.
  • Get a room with a pull-out bed or sleeper sofa.
  • Stay at the same hotel for your entire vacation, in some cases you receive discounts for multiple night stays. Off-season travel also gains some worthwhile savings on hotels.
  • Booking flights in conjunction with a hotel stay as a vacation package usually gains some discounts and in most cases cuts down on the service booking fees.

Additional Savings Ideas

  • Sign up for discount email notification at travel sites such as VacationLine Travel to get notifications of deals and savings throughout the year.
  • If you are members of AAA, AARP, military, or an employee of certain companies look into hotel discounts in line with these memberships or affiliations.

We at VacationLine Travel hope you enjoyed the first part of our article. We always strive to give valuable information. If you have any questions or additional ideas on how to save money on vacation, please contact us. Thank you for reading.

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