Disneyworld Vacation Savings Ideas – Part 2 of 2

As we mentioned in part 1 of this series, a Disney vacation is every child’s dream and the dream of every parent to give their children such a wonderful family experience. Many families feel such a vacation is out of their reach but with the proper planning and diligence your dream vacation can be a reality. In part 1 we covered travel savings, savings ideas on lodging and some miscellaneous ideas on how to save cash and make the dream vacation a reality. Here are additional ideas gathered from our experiences, ideas found on the web, and tips received from our customers at VacationLine Travel for part two:

Entertainment Savings

  • The first thing we would like to tell you is that unless you are going to the parks for 3 or 4 days, the park hopper pass is not a good option.  It is only a good idea for those who want to see a lot of Disney in a short amount of time.  This pass allows you to “hop” between Disney parks in the same day.  Believe it or not, it is not as easy or as quick as you might think.  The reason we think why it is not a good idea, is that the only quick transportation is the Monorail.  The problem is that everyone thinks that it is linked to all 4 Disney parks.  It only goes between is Epcot and Magic Kingdom.  Other than that, you would have to leave the park, get a shuttle, or go to your car, and drive to the other 2 parks.  If you are driving, you will not get charged a 2nd time for parking, but, THIS TAKES A LOT OF TIME OUT OF YOUR DAY.  If you are there for 5 days or more, take your time. 
  • Disney has many things to see and do along with the additional attractions in Orlando. Do not overdo it. You will need some down time so plan some free events that saves money and gives you some rest. Walking the boardwalk, Downtown Disney, or hiking through the Disney Wilderness Preserve will not cost you anything and you still get the vacation experience.
  • Most of the hotels and resorts have pools so plan a day or even a few afternoons just swimming and enjoying the great weather. There is no cost and the family has fun while energizing for a few more days at the parks and attractions.
  • For the price of a good meal there are many dinner shows that include great food and a show. This will be an enjoyable experience and it also helps you relax, have fun and kill a few hours without the heat, walking for miles, or the crowds.
  • Of course, you want to get the most out of your vacation, and see as much as possible while you are there.  A good tip is to wake up early, have a good sized breakfast and go to the parks early.  The FAST PASSES for the most popular rides usually run out between 12p and 1p.  They only offer so many per day.  The FAST PASS is a special ticket. If there is a ride you want to go on, but the line is too long, simply insert your park ticket into the FAST PASS machine, by the ride, and it will come back out with a FAST PASS that gives you a time to come back.  At the time marked on your pass, simply go back to the ride, get in the FAST PASS line and you will get on the ride in less than five minutes. It is that easy.  THERE IS NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR THE FAST PASS.    
  • Disney Parks offer some of the most fascinating night shows.  That is another reason for getting to the parks early.  You go, do the park for a few hours, and then go back to your hotel for the afternoon.  This way, you rest for awhile, swim, relax, and then go back to the park in the evening refreshed and ready to be there until closing time.  Disney shuttles run every 15 minutes from 1 hr to the park opening, until 2 hrs after the park is closed.  


Meal Savings

  • Food in the parks could chew up a major portion of your budget. One way to avoid this is insure your family has a hardy breakfast before going to the parks. At the parks have a light snack and skip lunch. Get your hand stamped, go to a less expensive restaurant for a healthy dinner and return to the parks for more fun.
  • Find hotels that offer free breakfast or at least one that that offers free meals for children.
  • Pack lunches or subs for dinner and retreat to the parking lot, eat and return to parks. Insure you get your hand stamped so you can return.
  • For a family feast look for restaurants that offer inexpensive all you can eat buffets for dinner. There are many that fit well on a tight budget and are quite satisfying.
  • Most parks only allow you to bring SEALED bottled water in the parks. Pack some spring water with an ice pack to keep it cool and this will cut down on the soft drink purchases in the parks. If you run out you can fill them up at the water fountains inside the parks.

Savings at additional parks

  • If you want to explore other parks, apply the same tips that we have suggested for Disney.
  • Universal Studios has 2 separate parks, and they both offer the EXPRESS PASS. This pass allows you to get into any EXPRESS PASS LINE, ON ANY RIDE, AT ANY TIME.  THERE IS NO WAITING FOR A SPECIAL TIME.   However, this will cost extra, depending on the time of year that you go and the day of the week.  GO ON A WEEKDAY!  It is less crowded and less expensive for the pass.  Even though it costs extra, IT IS WORTH IT!  We always get the express pass, because we know that we are going to be able to get on every ride within the hours that we are there.
  • SeaWorld now offers the QUICKQUE, which works the same way as Disney’s Fast Pass, but also costs extra, so in our opinion, it is not worth it.  That is strictly up to you. 

We at VacationLine Travel hope you enjoyed our article and gained some valuable information. If you have any questions or additional ideas on how to save money on vacation, please contact us. Thank you for reading.


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